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Part 1 of "Bell House Play"

Part 2 of "Bell House Play"

Act 1 of "Problem on the Potomac"

Act 2 of "Problem on the Potomac"

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please read ALL the information below

1. This offer is for EVENING performances only. Fridays and Saturdays. The play starts at 8 pm. There is an intermission at 8:45pm. The show is over at 9:40 pm.

2. ONE PAYING ADULT or Senior must accompany each child for the free offer. If there are more children than adults in the party, extra children must pay the student price of $18.

3. Tickets must be purchased IN ADVANCE, preferably on line. If you experience any difficulties paying on line, leave a message on the box office phone at 804-214-0517. All students and kids without advance purchase will pay the student price of $18.

4. When ordering, you will be asked if you have a code. Enter KWA if the accompanying adult is under 60 (Adult ticket, $20) or KWS if the accompanying adult is 60 or better (Senior ticket, $18). Select "Student" for all kids.

5. Our ticketing system only allows on free ticket per order. Thus you need to make separate orders if there are more than one adult and more than one child in your party. Here is an example that may help explain this.

Mom, Dad, and Grandma will attend and they are bringing four children. Three orders are required.

a. First order is for Grandma (a Senior) and one kid (Student). Code=KWS. $18 total.

b. Second order is for Dad (Adult) and one kid (Student). Code=KWA. $20 total.

c. Third order is for Mom (Adult) and two kids (Students). Code=KWA. One kid has to pay $18. $38 total.

This family of 7 ends up paying $76, where regular prices would be $130. A savings of $54.

In consideration of others, please do not bring children under four years of age to the theatre. Thank you.

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