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Rossum's Universal Robots

by Karel Capek

English version by Paul Selver and Nigel Playfair

Adapted for modern little theatre by Robert Christiansen and Stephen Eric Thompson

You won't believe that the original version of this play, very appropriate today,

was staged over 100 years ago in Czechoslavakia

Audition dates: Tuesday June 25 and Thursday June 27 at 6:30pm. Or by appointment (see below). Auditions will be held at the theater, 108 Hawthorn, Colonial Beach.
Performance dates will be September 7 to 22nd (Final rehearsal 9/6/2024)

Roles are open as follows:


Domin: A handsome man of 35. Forceful, efficient and humorous at times. Lead.

Helena Glory: A vital, sympathetic, handsome girl of 21. Lead.

Dr. Gall: A tall, distinguished scientist of 50. Male.

Mr. Fabry: A forceful, competent engineer of 40. Male.

Alquist: A stout, kindly old man of 60.

Nana: A tall, acidulous woman of 40. (Can double with Sulla)


Sulla: A pathetic Robot. Young, pretty and attractive. (Can double with Nana). Female.

Marius: A young Robot, superior to the general run of his kind. (Can double with Primus.) Male.

Manual Labor Robot: A simple Robot. Does not speak. Same actor plays Soldier Robot in Act III and Epilogue.) Male.

Soldier Robot: Looks similar to Manual Labor Robot. Played by same actor.) Male.

Radius: A tall, forceful Robot. Leader of the robots. Male.

Robot Helena: A Robot designed to look like the human Helena. Female.

Primus: A good-looking young Robot. (Can double with Marius.) Male.

Note: All the Robots wear expressionless faces and move with absolute mechanical precision, with the exception of Sulla, Helena and Primus, who convey a touch of humanity.

Auditions will be cold reading from the script. You will likely be reading with others, so it is important to make it to one of the audition times.

If you can't make an audition time, please email and explain you would like an appointment. Please list at least three times that you would be available at the theater to audition.

IN BRIEF: It is 10 years in the future. A young science historian has discovered the works of a man named Rossum who learned how to make robots that are very human-like. Part of the secret was discovered on a remote island off the east coast of the United States. The young man moves to the island and with a skilled scientist, engineer, and manufacturer and sets up a business producing skilled man-like robots. Eventually the robots figure out that humans are useless and set out to eliminate them. But in eliminating the scientists that created them, they have lost the ability to create skilled robots. They themselves will eventually wear out. The world seems doomed.


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