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by Robert Anderson

AUDITION DATES: Friday December 15 at 7pm and Saturday December 16 at 2pm. PLEASE be on time.

AUDITION LOCATION: Colonial Beach Playhouse, 108 Hawthorn Street, Colonial Beach

PERFORMANCE DATES: March 4 -19, 2024*


  3 OR MORE MALE ROLES -- all ages 30 and up

  2 OR MORE FEMALE ROLES -- all ages 20 and up


SYNOPSIS: This play is actually four plays in one, unconnected in most ways except they all include innocent discussions about sex or nudity, which is not the point of any of them.

1. THE SHOCK OF RECOGNITION. A theatre producer objects to a playwright's insisting that nudity is included in his next play to evoke authenticity and reality. Sidesplitting humor from a notable Broadway playwright!

2. THE FOOTSTEPS OF DOVES. In a furniture store, a middle-age couple disagree on whether they should replace their old bed with one large bed or two single beds. Cleverly sly, with an amusing windfall and funny.

3. I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. Masterful and moving in its unexpected 180 degree turn on a dime from high comedy to unexpected pathos. Bring the Kleenex.

4. I'M HERBERT. An endearing 70 year old couple with fading memories confuse their own names, experiences, and previous wives and husbands. This act is both warm and funny!

AUDITIONS will consist of cold readings from the script.

REHEARSALS will begin in January. Approximate dates and times will be announced at auditions.

QUESTIONS? Email the director, Roger Kovach, at

* We would like to see persons of all ages, experienced or novice, including teens, at this audition, to be considered for all productions in 2024.

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