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For further information, or to volunteer, email us at OR call 804-214-0517

The tasks are listed in approximate order of importance, but they are all necessary, and whether or not they are assigned to a specific person, someone will end up doing them.

Technical Director (TD)
The technical director keeps an inventory of all of the theaters sound, lighting, and other technical equipment. He/she should be involved with every production, not necessarily in a fill commitment, but as support. The responsibilities are repairing, replacing, and buying new equipment. Time commitments can vary, but occasional board meeting attendance is required along with support

of current or future productions.  Overall commitment estimated to be no more than 10 hours per month.

Facilities Administrator (FA)

Responsible for the repair and maintenance of facilities and any storage units or areas that the theater uses. Current level anticipated commitment 2-5 hours per month.

Volunteer Coordinator (VC)

This is one of the busiest jobs in the theater as CBPAA. Keeping track of volunteers and ensuring that they are getting the attention and assignments that keep them engaged is the primary role.  Ensuring that staffing is present, and having backup plans available are also an important requirement for this job.  Outgoing and highly organized people are perfect for this position. Estimated current commitment 10-20 hours every two weeks.

Front of House/Hospitality Chairman

This position is in charge of the box office, ushers, and snack bar.  This individual can also double asthe overall volunteer coordinator.  This will require some sporadic work as the box office person would more than likely have the theater phone and would take calls regarding ticketing and problems with purchases.  This person would also be responsible for scheduling ushers for all performances, and ensuring that a snack bar person is available and that the snack bar is fully stocked for each performance within current allowable items.

Marketing Manager

This position is responsible for marketing the theater on social media and locally with print news, and other media outlets.  This position is responsible for the overall strategy and goal, and can delegate social media posting to a volunteer, if one exists.  Ultimately they are responsible for the overall advertising efforts of the theater and are required to attend some board meetings to provide updates. This can take as little as 5-10 hours per month, but will have an initial ramp up time commitment of more hours.


Fundraising Manager

This position works with the marketing manager and the Board to try to promote not only ticket sales, but sponsorships by local businesses, and potential fundraising functions to raise money for the theater overall.  This position involves a lot of planning and follow up so an organized, outgoing person that likes to meet new people and ask for money would be best suited for this job.  This position can take as little as a few hours per week, to attendance and planning of fundraising events, which has the potential to take more time. Roughly 2-3 hours per week without an event, up to 10 preceding any event including the event.

Build Manager

The build manager is usually a skilled carpenter that lends his skills either building sets or supervising the building of sets.  He is not expected to build the set exclusively, but must be patient enough to show unskilled workers how to help build a set. The primary time commitment is during the build out of the set.  Once a permanent location is found this could involve one or two weekends to complete the structure of the set. The props and décor of the set can be completed by another volunteer if needed. 16-20 total build hours per production.

Costume Manager
This position is in charge of sourcing or creating costumes for the current production, and managing costumes left over from previous productions.  They are tasked with measuring and fitting actors as best they can.  The time commitment for this varies by production, but costumes can be simple or very complex.  The script for the play, usually can demonstrate the level of effort needed for each production.

Props Manager
This position is separate from the stage manager and can differ with each production. The props manager only manages and inventories props when they are borrowed or need to be returned.  This varies from show to show and hours can vary from 5-20 hours depending on the complexity.


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