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by Amy E. Lilly


October 21 - November 6

It is 1968. Three women agree to meet on the eve of their 20th high school reunion. They meet for lunch in a diner where, unknown to them, the cook is a former teacher at their high school and the waitress is a former schoolmate. They talk about how differently life has gone for the three of them, and about the tragic death of the school mascot, the Screaming Eagle, on the night of the homecoming game. The cause of his mysterious death is uncovered in a surprise ending.

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Screaming Eagle Image.JPG

Appearing  are:

Melissa Sullivan as Lois, the Cook

Sher Lee as Joyce, the Waitress

Amy E. Lilly as Gloria, whose husband is a philanderer

Abby Cordes as Shirley, a spinster who was in love with the Mascot

Mona Marshall as Barbara, the stuck-up former head cheerleader

Chris Sterner as the Customer/Policeman

Samuel Wallace as the Customer/Policeman

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